Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita (1886-1968)

Red Cat Sitting (Chat roux assis), 1930

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Trevor Hairsine and Kris Justice’s process for their variant cover to Ed Brubaker’s X-Men: Deadly Genesis # 01. This is the miniseries where Vulcan first appeared, and it gave some measure of resolution to the long running rumors about the Summers family tree as well.

I just realized looking at several of these that I prefer the black and white. Not sure what it is about the Marvel style of coloring…

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For anyone who is interested in colorizing photos themselves, I thought I’d share one of my tricks.  I always try to find a modern celebrity with similar coloring to “stand-in” for the vintage actors, and then find photoshoots or other photos to base the colorization on.  For instance, when I colored Jobyna Ralston like in the pic above, I found pictures of Alexis Bledel for inspiration.  The end result is more realistic that way. :)

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Hey doods, here’s the process for my latest painting! Ah now that summer’s here I have so much free time to paint :D
I was practising action poses as motion for this piece, I even did a bit of motion blurring and spent more time on detailing!!! :O 
I hope you all like it! :D

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Spring Flowers, 1911, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

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still…when my heart grows too heavy, i take comfort in my efforts. i will get home…or i will expire trying.

You think Pikmin is just a game?! You think to laugh at the Pikmin? Lol at how cute they are? No, I say. It is a story of much death…and survival. By the Gods, I will survive.

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